care to listen?

I had a rather hilarious moment this morning when I woke up staring at the clock with the short hand, in all its glory, pointing towards the figure nine. Flummoxed as I was, it came to mind that the clock was probably broken otherwise I’d be late, very late… for work. Then I suddenly realized it’s a Sunday. duh.  These extended hours at the office, overtime work even on weekends where I’m supposed to be at home, has practically changed my, what do you call this, subconcious thinking (?)  even up to now that it’s actually over.

Glad it’s over.

Oh, and why can’t I find on xangazon search this movie, Princess Aurora (Orora Gongju.) One of those subtle movies. Thought it was just another murder flick but turned out to be more than that. I kinda like it.


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