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Mamma Mia

The song “Joy to the World” seemed to be out of place as I heard it being played on the bus where I was at, on my way home, a week ago. Or at least that was what I thought. With the start of the “ber” months, Christmas songs are already heard almost everywhere. So much has happened to me I was never able to keep track of time.


It started on the last week of June, I was getting jittery and really excited for the first ever case hearing I was supposed to attend.  I was sort of helping on working on some evidences (reconciliations to prove some malversation of funds case). But just a few days before the big day, I had these attacks again coupled with muscle spasms, I looked like somebody with a cerebral palsy. duh. The week after, I had to be brought to the nearest hospital with our company car as the makeshift ambulance.  I looked like I was having a seizure and my officemates were very much alarmed.  I underwent lots of laboratory tests but the CT scan had to be cancelled. I knew why,  we really couldn’t afford it. The diagnosis for the muscle spasms- hypocalcemia. Cool!, thank God it wasn’t some sort of a brain disease.  I felt crazy because 3 doctors had to see me, an internist, an endocrinologist, and a neurologist. My bills would have gone up if had they included a cardiologist.

But I’m pretty much okay now, my calcium has already went up to the normal levels.  Life though is still a constant struggle- like when you’re on an overcrowded bus on a rush hour trying hard to breath.  And I I’m still working on gaining those pounds I lost.

Oh, off to a tangent, I watched the movie Mamma Mia. Entertaining, beautiful setting, good cast (Meryl Streep still stands out), lovely music.  The songs of ABBA surprisingly fit in with the situations they were sang at.  But I never realize how sad the song The Winner Takes It All could be, I guess the part where Meryl Streep sang it was one of the highlights of the movie. Another unforgettable part was the mother and daughter duet of Slipping Through My Fingers.


“If you want to be immortalized, plant a tree, bear a child, or write a book.”  The priest quoted these words as he delivered the homily to the mass that signaled the beginning of the celebration of NIA’s (National Irrigation Administration)  45th Anniversary.
And plant trees did we.

The Finance and Management Division where I am part of went to this place called Barangay Kapirawan, Palo as each division was assigned to a particular barangay/village. Lunch and socials together with all the divisions would later follow at a certain beach resort.

Here’s a picture of me with arms open wide as if embracing the invigorating air surrounding me, with Ate Nene behind.
that's me and ate ne

And some of the photos that I have taken.

That’s Joshua, the five-year old son of Ate Lisa, making himself busy.

Charisa- another officemate.

a 013

big leap
Ate Nene taking her big leap over the irrigation canal.

tree planting
Ysang’s hands and her tree.

a 027

Ate Luz and her tree.
a 130
At the beach

a 113
Parlor games- human threading

a 118
Water race… That’s Ma’am Linda- the manager for the Administrative Division.

Indeed a festivity- with all the heat (from the tree planting ), the the drinks, the games,(not to mention the prizes) and the chatter.


Homecoming by Belva Plain stole my attention as it sat on the end of the bookshelf while I was rummaging again on a booksale. Not that it’s a favorite nor have I read any Belva Plain novel before, but because it’s one of my cousin’s favorites, Ate Letlet. I had the idea to give it to her. But then we don’t have the time to see each other often so I took my time reading it first.  Plain’s works according to Ate Letlet dealt with family saga, thus I was intrigued.

Belva Plain writes in such a compelling way that makes you connect with the characters and the story itself.  The plot may be traditional but the characters were three-dimensional, you’ll soon find yourself involved with them. Homecoming.. it’s one great read and an absolute tearjerker..

After witnessing what happened to me last April 4 and learning that I have MVP (mitral valve prolapse), our office’s Regional Manager, Sir RGQ, offered financial help and decided that I should be immediately sent to a certain hospital in Cebu City to see a cardiologist. He recommended one, his wife’s cardiologist who used to have MVP, too. I could tell he was concerned of my condition and I appreciated it much. Really.

When I had my check-up, my doctor indeed referred me to a cardiologist, hence I told her about my boss’ plan.

I had my first glimpse of a real urban place last Thursday- fast life, fast cars, wide highways and flyovers, towering buildings. Tacloban, the city where I work at is very much different to Cebu. I still love my quiet hometown.

On Friday morning, along with my mom I went to the said hospital. Unfortunately, the doctor whom my boss recommended was out of the country. But then, another cardiologist for the meantime took her place. He told me that those attacks that were happening to me were called hyperventilation syndrome. A condition in which you tend to breath too fast thus resulting to excessive oxygen intake. It’s not life-threatening. The attacks can only last for a short period of time. There are no medications, just my confidence that I can overcome whatever may happen to me. Yet still, a big question lingers on mind. How can I able to live a normal life if these attacks continue to happen? I was a bit frustrated, but then again, what can I do? I should be thankful instead that I still live.

Later in the afternoon, my mom and I went to see an aunt (who’s also my godmother) together with his son. She treated us to this Italian restaurant called Sbarro. But something I dreaded happened to me while we were there. The veins in my forehead were moving wobblingly again. I suddenly had palpitations. My whole body was shaking and was numb and stiff. I couldn’t breath. It was a very nasty feeling. The next thing I knew, a man I didn’t recognize was holding my hand. I suddenly realized he was there to rescue me. I heard him saying he was an EMT. He was doing something so that I could be able to talk. I was opening my mouth and exerting effort to talk but nothing would come out. He really handled the situation very well like a pro. A paper bag was passed and he told me to breath through it. Inhale..exhale.. he gently guided me. We repeated the process until I started to feel better. While massaging my hands, he told me to squeeze his hand, too. I was able to, and there he knew I was already doing well. He asked for my name again, and this time I was able to utter it. I saw him point a finger upwards and asked, “How many fingers am I holding up?” I answered,”One.” We both chuckled. He said he’d only leave if I assured him that I was okay. I told him I was. He gave me a high-five and left with a calling card and told us to call him if we needed his help.

Again, I am indebted to my boss and to all, most especially to God. And to that certain Mr. Reynaldo D. Abad, the EMT who rescued me, I really never had the chance to thank him. I hope I can thank him someday.


MVP.. Most Valuable Player?! I chuckle at the thought. I had undergone echocardiogram on the 29th of March and the results were normal except for one statement saying Anterior mitral valve leaflets prolapse with no significant regurgitation. Indeed, I have MVP (Mitral Valve Prolapse)

April 5 was my birthday and too bad I had to spend it at the hospital. The day before at the office, while we were attending the First Friday Mass, I suddenly had severe palpitations. My whole body became numb and stiff I couldn’t even stretch my fingers. I found myself gasping. My officemates had to rush me to the hospital. The whole time our resident doctor at the office was with me. I haven’t even thanked her yet, and don’t even know her name as she’s referred only at the office as “Doktora.”

Ironically, my birthday last Saturday was one of the happiest. My officemates had a surprise party for me. Along with some food, they brought balloons and a birthday cake. They didn’t know that I had been secretly longing to blow birthday candles and make a wish on them eversince I was a kid. I had to wait until my 23rd birthday, I fought the urge to cry.

I was discharged Saturday afternoon but my hospital bills skyrocketed. My parents had to ask the hospital for a discount.  Since I am not a regular employee, I have no health insurance yet. It never occurred to my mind to get one voluntarily. Thankfully, the bills dropped as I saw “courtesy” written adjacent to the doctor’s fee.

I am indebted to all.

ack! and yes, my first post for 2008. Yay!

          Summer is supposed to be looming since it’s already March but it had been raining successively for the past few weeks. There’d been floods here and there and it was a burden on the way to work. (My contract at NIA was renewed for another 3 months.)

          I had a lovely valentines, by the way. It could have been lovelier if not for the heavy downpour but I guess it poured to add a little touch of  romance.   A girls’ night-out with my four girl-officemates, we went to this place called Kyle’s. An antique house turned into a restaurant- the ambiance was superb, and the food as well. I particularly loved the grilled tuna. hmm..  We don’t drink though but one guy officemate hopped in and thus had the bottles of beer to himself  An acoustic guitarist sat by the mini-stage and happily obliged himself to play the songs requested by the guests. I remember the first song he sung, “I’m not talking bout moving in, and I don’t wanna change your mind……..  And I’d really love to see you tonight. ” Geez.

 addendum: just wanted to post here a pic of my watch together with the prayer beads given to me by an officemate.
mar5 (1)

Beach and Sky

The sky mesmerized me when we went to Rizal (Dulag, Leyte) – my mom’s hometown, so I took a couple of shots.

I love to walk barefooted on these sands.  Or at times, run around and chase cousins- our laughter and giggles mingling with the sound of the waves and the breeze.
rizal beach

Don’t you see a face somewhere? I do. 
It’s as if a goddess of the wind is watching over the bay.

God is exceptionally an artist. He often plays with colors.