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The last two quarters of 2009 had been memorable for me- I attended a three-month Christian Life Program and finally a Dedication Rites on November 21 to commence my being part of Singles for Christ (SFC).
In between those, I was able to attend the SFC Regional Conference,
volunteered for a Gawad Kalinga (GK).
site (and became a wannabe construction
worker, lol), was confined to the hospital for the third time, finally
went for a confession and attended mass in our town’s parish church
after like a couple of years, did community service, attended household
prayer meetings, fellowships, and yeah, parties, and met a lot of
fellow SFCs who eventually became my friends..well.. true friends.

Here are some of those moments…

sfc burauen@ work
the SFC Burauen @ work on a Gawad Kalinga (GK) site

sfc recon
SFC Regional Conference in Tacloban City, pictorials after the praisefest

that’s me accepting an award during the dedication rites…

Fellowship- Halloween Party

And for December! On Christmas eve, we gave dinner to the 49 inmates  of the Burauen Municipal Jail. The prisoners were so touched by such thoughtfulness. On Christmas morning, with one of our brothers dressed as Santa Claus, we had a motorcade on the outskirts of our town- mostly on the less fortunate barangays, and had a gift-giving for kids. The surprised smiles, the laughters of the kids, and even the parents at seeing us, at seeing Santa Claus at such unexpected time, were more than enough to make our Christmas holiday really complete..

preparations- packing candies and chocolates

with the parish church as the starting point, we proceeded with the motorcade

Bro.Randall slows down the motorcyle he’s driving as Ate Judith hands a pack of candies to a little child we saw on the streets

kids who rarely, if not at all, get to see a “live” Santa Claus were so happy to see one before them…

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to everyone! and may Jesus continue to reign in our hearts..


Mamma Mia

The song “Joy to the World” seemed to be out of place as I heard it being played on the bus where I was at, on my way home, a week ago. Or at least that was what I thought. With the start of the “ber” months, Christmas songs are already heard almost everywhere. So much has happened to me I was never able to keep track of time.


It started on the last week of June, I was getting jittery and really excited for the first ever case hearing I was supposed to attend.  I was sort of helping on working on some evidences (reconciliations to prove some malversation of funds case). But just a few days before the big day, I had these attacks again coupled with muscle spasms, I looked like somebody with a cerebral palsy. duh. The week after, I had to be brought to the nearest hospital with our company car as the makeshift ambulance.  I looked like I was having a seizure and my officemates were very much alarmed.  I underwent lots of laboratory tests but the CT scan had to be cancelled. I knew why,  we really couldn’t afford it. The diagnosis for the muscle spasms- hypocalcemia. Cool!, thank God it wasn’t some sort of a brain disease.  I felt crazy because 3 doctors had to see me, an internist, an endocrinologist, and a neurologist. My bills would have gone up if had they included a cardiologist.

But I’m pretty much okay now, my calcium has already went up to the normal levels.  Life though is still a constant struggle- like when you’re on an overcrowded bus on a rush hour trying hard to breath.  And I I’m still working on gaining those pounds I lost.

Oh, off to a tangent, I watched the movie Mamma Mia. Entertaining, beautiful setting, good cast (Meryl Streep still stands out), lovely music.  The songs of ABBA surprisingly fit in with the situations they were sang at.  But I never realize how sad the song The Winner Takes It All could be, I guess the part where Meryl Streep sang it was one of the highlights of the movie. Another unforgettable part was the mother and daughter duet of Slipping Through My Fingers.